When you own a pressure washer, they can develop a technical issue that needs your attention and not necessarily takes it to experts for a repair. You can check and solve the issue at home and keep using your pressure washer effectively. This article explores common failures you are likely to experience with your Max Flow pressure washer and how you can handle the matter. Read on to understand better.

Common Pressure Washer Problems and How to Solve Them

  • A failed engine

Sometimes, you can evaluate your engine and see it has enough oil and is in good condition. However, the engine won’t start no matter how hard you try. In such cases, you have to check the carburetor. The chances are that the carburetor has an old oil stick in it, thus hindering the full functionality of the engine. Don’t be in a hurry to take the machine to the experts before checking the carburetor first. When you open the carburetor, try and drain the old oil out. If the issue still persists after draining the oil, you now disassemble the carburetor and clean the inside since chances are the passages have been blocked. Once you clean everything, put everything back into place and start your engine.

  • No flow of water from the pump and strange noise from the pump.

Sometimes, you can operate your pressure washer as required, but the water fails to flow; instead, you hear only a strange sound coming off the pump. In such cases, the chances are that you made a serious mistake when you last used the pressure washer. For instance, maybe you failed to drain all the water, and it has caused a freezing effect. When you experience this, the only solution is buying a compatible pump for your pressure washer. However, this is a common mistake that you can easily avoid. Make it a habit of draining all the water after using the machine and storing it in perfect condition.

  • No water pressure or very little pressure.

The pressure washer works perfectly by exerting extreme pressure that forces the water out. If this doesn’t happen, it means you won’t achieve your cleaning objective. When you see your pressure washer running as required but there is no pressured water coming out, the chances are that the inlet filter or the and could be clogged. To solve the matter, hook the hose to the inlet and put it on to see if the water will come out. If the water flows well, then it is in perfect condition. If the water fails to come, it means the inlet filler is clogged, and you should remove it and clean it well. This is a simple task that won’t require professional help.

  • Leaking water from the pump

When there is compressed air in the pump, you must ensure you remove it before using the pressure washer. Otherwise, compressed air can damage the valves. In case you experience such, you will have to replace the pump on your own or seek professional help depending on the complexity of the machine.


When using a pressure washer to handle cleaning activities, it can be all fun until a breakdown happens. Most of these problems are easily solved at home. Don’t always run for professional help before trying to examine a possible cause and establishing a solution.


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